Being in a relationship is a matter of fact a big business for people, and being not in a relationship is too. After the breakup, the first thing that comes to our mind is, how can we improve our social life? It is very common to see couples post-breakup showing their agony and pain on their social sites and are left out in jeopardy of confusion and baggage.

Many times couples who break up think of unfriending their ex and his/her friends to calm down their nerves and move on. However, the question here arises that, should you unfriend your Ex and his friends or move on with the flow of time?

The truth is that studies haven’t proven that disconnecting with your ex online will necessarily make your breakup easier. A 2012 study of 464 young Facebook users, primarily women (84%) with an average age of 21, found that staying friends with an ex on Facebook was associated with a more difficult emotional recovery from a breakup and was associated with less personal growth.

It is very radical to come to a conclusion in this scenario but, it is for sure that socializing is needed post and pre-breakup to maintain some personal grounds of your individual persona. Even how you feel toward a breakup can vary a day, a week, a month, or a year later. Perhaps at the beginning, you want to achieve more separation by disconnecting online from your ex, but maybe a year later, whether or not you’re friends online may not have a huge impact on your life either way. What matters most is that each moment along the way your decisions are truly your own and that each step brings you closer to what you need.

So, do not rush to unfriend your ex and his friends just because you broke up, make your firm decisions before engrossing any decisions of avoidance.


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