That moment when you find out that your husband has been cheating on you – it seems like your whole world has come crashing down. The first reaction is of sadness at being let down. Slowly the hurt is replaced with anger and this is when you think of leaving your man. For some women, it is an easy decision. For some other women, it is a very hard decision to make, especially if there are kids involed in the equation!

Should You Stay With a Husband Who Cheated on You?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The answer is different for every women and every situation. Here are a few t hings to consider before making your decision.

– Rebuilding a marriage after infidelity is Difficult, but not Impossible. With time, the pain lessens and you may find it possible to forgive him for his infidelity. But initially, it will be very difficult to live in the same house, to see his face every day. It will be a lot more difficult to experience intimacy with him or trust him again. Trying to save this marriage will demand a lot of effort and patience from you.

– How did you find out about it? Did you catch him red-handed or did he confess? If he confessed, he is trying to take responsibility for his actions and perhaps deserves a chance.

– What was the nature of infidelity? Was it an online affair, a sex worker, a colleague, a one night stand, a long affair or with your best friend? Answer to this question will define how badly you have been hurt. It is much easier to forgive a one night stand as compared to a love affair on the side!

– Did you talk about it? Usually an incident of cheating is a symptom of another problem in the relationship. You need to talk openly and ask him if he has any issues with your relationship.

– Does he seem repentant? Lastly, it is for you to decide if he seems really truthful about wanting to be forgiven. 

For some women, their children will also be a factor while making this difficult decision. But what matters the most if your own happiness and peace of mind. If you are unhappy, then staying in the marriage for the sake of your children will ultimately of be no use to anyone! 

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Lavanya Mehra


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