In this era, it is important that you feel safe and secure when you walk the streets alone at any time of the clock. It is important that you learn self-defense and make yourself independent in this world full of people and goons. Nobody wants to be the victim of an attack. You must be thinking, what you can extensively keep in your purse for self-defense. Well, here below we have some self-defense weapons you can carry in your purse in time of causalities.

>Stun gun: Stun gun gives an electric shock to the person and drains out his bodily energy. This shock can keep the invader paralyzed for roughly 30 minutes, which is a decent amount of time for you to escape or call out for help.

>Flashlight: Flashlights like the Surefire 6PX Guard have a strike bezel in the front that allow you to excavate an opponent while striking them. Flashlights can actually make your attacker hazy for you to escape.

>Pepper Spray: Pepper spray are accessible in various sizes and shapes and can be either kept in handbags or hung on bags. One advantage of this spray is that, unlike the stun gun, you needn’t be near the attacker to use it. Just spray it to escape and call for help.

>Tactical Pen: Tactical pen is the cleverest choice recommended for self-defense carry items. Tactical Pen provides the same type of hands-on protection as a tactical knife, without a bladed edge.

So, now whenever you go out, make sure to keep the above-listed items in your purse for self-defense.


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