In this day of Breakup songs, modern relationships are not only complex, but also difficult and short lived. Young people usually are in a few relationships before settling down with someone. Even after marriage, keeping things smooth is not as easy as it used to be. With divorce becoming more common, people now feel no shame in quitting on their partners before or after marriage.

There is no judging this scenario. It is what it is. But no matter how acceptable breakups are, they remain as painful as ever. This is why we bring you secret tips to lasting love.

Tips for Long Term and Lasting Love

1. Keep your expectations realistic. If you think you are soulmates and need to have exactly same opinions, likes and dislikes – you are in for disappointment. Accept and even cherish your differences.

2. Do not put each other on a pedastal. Appreciate the fact that you are both human and likely to make mistakes. This will make it easier to accept and forgive each other’s faults.

3. Never stop exploring the world together! No matter how old you are, you should never stop doing fun stuff together. Take Salsa lessons, learn a new language, travel or do anything else you both want.

4. Find pleasure and laughter in small things. Even daily mundane things can be fun if you have a sense of humour. Don’t wait for the big happy news, find happiness in your day, every day.

5. As you get older, things change. Accept that both of you, your health, the intimacy you enjoy etc will change. The passionate sex will give way to special intimacy. Don’t let these changes catch you surprised!

6. Never take yourself too seriously. It is only when we do that, that our egos become more important than our partner. Whenever in such a situation, ask yourself what is more important to you.

7. Commit to the relationship. A deep commitment to each other will keep you together.

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Lavanya Mehra


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