From today the petrol price is hiked by Rs 7.50 by the state run Oil Marketing companies. Do you think it’s justified?

Today Rupee reached it’s lowest Rs 56.11 paise against the US dollar and still falling? Is that the reason why the oil companies are forced to hike the price?

Why Govt should be blamed?

1. Govt doesn’t have a proper fuel policy and vision.

2. Oil companies didn’t hedge against the falling rupee making them volunerable.

3. Blaming Euro crisis is not an excuse for the government and not going to solve the crisis.

4. Govt need to reduce the tax on the Fuel to offset the rising Fuel Cost on common man.

5. Global Oil price is at 7 months low, but in India petrol is at a decade high.

Mr Nice Guy our PM Manmohan Singh is to blame for this or Cong President Sonia Gandhi to blame for this or Both?

What do you say?

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