A couple who have been newly married are probably the most romantic pair in any room. But soon the romance wears off and monotony sets in. Everyone expects married couples (married for a couple of years) to be boring and unromantic. Why? Why does the romance take a backseat in the humdrum of daily life? Can you bring back the zing to your married life?

How To Bring The Romance Back Into Your Marriage

Make Time For Each Other

Forget the kids for a while. Focus on each other and your life as a married couple. Hire a babysitter if you need to. Seek help from friends and family. But make sure that you have a life as a couple, apart from what you have as  parents. Use this time to do things that both of you enjoy. Give each other a little TLC, communicate your innermost thoughts and bring back the chemistry you had.

Get Physical

Make an effort to get closer physically. Be experimental and discover new ways to please each othr. Physical intimacy is known to deepen the bonds of love. Don’t ignore this aspect of your marriage like most married couples do.

Share Feelings

Loving someone is great, but even better is saying it. Express your feelings in words. Saying “I love you’s” every now and then sounds very trivial, but it goes a long way in forging deep bonds of love. Sweet nothings whispered into each other’s ears, or love notes left around the house give as much pleasure to the person who receives them, as they give to the giver. The long and short of it is that love needs expression.

Make An Effort

Most women stop making an effort to look and feel good, a few years after marriage or after motherhood. Don’t ignore the looks department. Try to remain fit, wear nice clothes and generally make an effort to look nice. You will feel great when he compliments you on how you look.

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