Racism, a commonly uttered word nowadays is making a huge remark in creating class discrimination among various diversities of populations. Well, just imagine if you are in any workplace or in your locality and you are judged by how you look and what’s your skin color, will that be a mental pressure on you to how will you tackle your unwilling situations in your daily life if the trolling keeps continuing quotidianly?

Of course, it’s hard to even neutralize the trolling situations that come with racism. Racism is a socially born disease that keeps on spreading with every word of mouth. The simple fact of the matter is, that people do promote racism with their trolling uncurling comments. With the acknowledgment that racism is getting from people is making its existence very close to society. If you look at a man not as a black or brown man, but just as a man with no color or facial discrimination, then your views will certainly change and that man would be free of any prejudice that may be aroused if someone is described as a black man or a brown man.

At the first stand we should consider that we all are humans and color, caste, creed and religion are no barriers to define one’s personality. We need to see past the physical appearances of any person and realize that judging anyone simply based on irrelevant facts other than his/her personality and hard-working quality is wrong.

The very foremost thing that we should do to try on eradicating racism from the human roots is by educating people around us and prioritizing to teach our children not to judge anyone by their outer appearance or ideology. Racism is a self-born cultivating disease and if we don’t stop it now humans will be divided with unfortunate deeds.


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Joydev Mishra


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