The whole business of getting married has changed a lot in our country, especially for people in cities. Now a lot of families want their sons to marry working girls. Even the acceptable age of marriage of girls has gone up by a few years. People have begun to focus on giving their daughters a decent education and a chance at financial independence. All this means that a lot more young girls are educated and in jobs these days. So naturally the expectations from marriage have changed. 

Your grandma tells you one thing, your best friend says something else. Do looks matter? Does his financial status matters? What matters? What does not matter? These questions plague the minds of all young girls who are looking for a life partner and find it difficult to make a choice. So here are a few pointers you may want to consider.

Things To Look For In A Life Partner

1. A good sense of humour. This is an absolute must. He should be able to make you laugh even when you are at your lowest.

2. He should be supportive and modern in thinking. If he expects dinner to be on the table when he gets home from work, he does not belong in this category.

3. Choose a guy who knows how to cook. If both of you have demanding jobs, the chores should be shared too. What’s more, guys who can cook are usually more comfortable with sharing chores.

4. He values your opinions. If he doesn’t, he will probably not include in the decisions about your family and home later on.

5. He should definitely be well behaved. Watch his behavious towards people of lower social/economical status eg waiter, conductor, driver etc.

6. He accepts you as you are. If he says in the first metting that the women in their family don’t dress in a particular way, he is dropping hints that you will have to change. Nope!

7. He is communicative and is easy to talk to. After all, you have to spend the rest of your life with this man!

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