Till a few years back there was no concept of PDA in our country. A couple would not dare to put on a display of affection in public in any little or big way. It was just not done. But times have changed.
In the metros, young couples making a public display of affection are a common sight. From parks to malls to multiplexes, people in love can be seen getting close everywhere these days. But even in cities like Mumbai (or even New York) there are certain rules about PDA.
The PDA Rules
1. How much is too much? Holding hands, hugs and a little peck is fine. But when kissing involves tongue or goes on for more than a second, it should be taken to the bedroom. The PDA should not embarass people around you.
2. Respect For Friends. If you are in a group, act as a part of the group and not as a couple. So it is very rude to start touching each other or kissing, showing no consideration of the rest of the group.
3. Respect Your Partner. If your partner is not comfortable with the PDA, he/she should not be subjected to it forcibly.
4. Is It The Right Place? PDA in school/college or temple or at work is totally unacceptable. Respect the official nature of these places and behave appropriately.
5. Respect People Around You. If you are in a park and there are elderly people around you, please avoid any PDA as it might make them uncomfortable. Similarly, avoid PDA if there are people nearby who may be uncomfortable with it.

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