We all agree that we all believe in being rich and famous? The essence of our presence gets highlighted when we ponder on making necessary efforts to enrich our livelihood in the eminent way possible.

We all want to have a healthy life worth living. To acknowledge the possibility of quality in our sustenance one must emphasise on various benchmarks that cream out the worth of our presence and appeal.

In order to evaluate and assess quality livelihood, here are few principles that generalise the facts and figures of quality living and subsistence.

1.    Ownership: We all are aware of the basic requirements to make life easier. Ownership is the essence of growth. If you take full ownership of your deeds and work on mending and following your own direction, your routine of livelihood will surely qualify the list of quality living.

2.    Disciplined undertakings: Discipline is another factor that makes you different from the bulk. The various decisions that you take in your daily dealings should ensure disciplined input. Quality can only be assessed when the undertakings are disciplined and concentric.

3.    Bias for action: There is nothing that can outgrow or nurture when there is no action taken for imposed reactions to development. Taking action and being confident enough to take probable action justifies the quality living.

4.    Leadership: Many researchers have brought this into notice that a person who leads his own will can sustain in any work environment and is comfortable to have social undertakings in his conversations. Leadership in dealings certainly help to improve the possibility of self-presence and growth.

The above principles are the baseline that helps in assessing quality livelihood.


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Joydev Mishra


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