It was Preity Zinta’s birthday on 31st Jan. The lovely actor threw a party for her close friends at her home in Mumbai. Preity occupies whole of the Top Floor at Quantum Park Building in Bandra. On one side of the building a large area is occupied by slum dwellers.

As the party carried on late in the night, the music disturbed Preity’s neighbors. The slum dwellers called up the police and lodged a complaint against Preity. Since loud music at night is an offence, the police rushed to the spot and got Preity to turn off the music. The story is true so far.

News channels reported that after the police left, the party picked up again, in full swing. The music blared loudly for another couple of hours before the police was summoned again. News channels made the whole issue into a fight between the rich and poor. A spokesperson of the slum dwellers appeared on news channels and talked about how nasty Preity was and how she complained about loud music during Ganesha Chaturthi festival.

But Preity clarifies that all this is nothing but crap. In her own words, “I had a party and the police came and put the music off plus fined me which i paid on the same night. I have the receipt for the same. The music did not come up again as mentioned on some sensational channels. Journalism is about investigation and reporting the facts. Things like i broke the law and no action was taken on me plus a rich versus poor story on TV channels is upsetting.

There should be a law against sensational and false news being passed off on news channels as news. I am a law abiding citizen so please check your facts before putting it on tv.”

News channels seem to be running out of ideas these days. From astrological predictions to stand up comedy to ghost hunting to sensational crime reports, they have ventured into everything. Yet, it seems difficult to fill up the 24 hours of each day! We completely sympathize with you, guys. Meanwhile, we request the public to not take these channels so seriously. Just take everything reported with a pinch of salt.

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