Crime is going up day by day and hardly a day goes by when we don’t get to hear of a rape or murder in our city. In such a scenario it is not uncommon for women to be concerned about their safety. Winter, especially, is a time when women become more vulnerable due to shorter days and early nightfall. But you cannot stop going out and living your life. So it is very im[portant to know the basic rules about your personal safety.

Tips For Your Personal Safety

1. When on the road, do not hitchhike. If you need transport, get any mode of public transport. Do not accept lifts from anyone, unless they are close friends or family.

2. If you notice someone giving you “the look” or following you, try to mix into a crowd and get rid of him. Better, change your route. Do not let anyone follow you to your place of work or home.

3. Avoid wearing expensive jewllery when you go out by yourself. A robber might rob you as well as hurt you.

4. Do not give the appearance of an easy target. Always act confident and wear the right attitude.

5. If getting into a train, avoid the compartment which seems deserted. Similarly, if boarding a bus, try to sit near women.

6. Always approach  your behicle or your house door with the keys ready in your hand. The moment when you approach is the moment when it is easy for a robber/assailant to gain access if you are not careful.

7. Do not give lift to anyone you don’t know. When driving, keep the windows rolled up and avoid deserted areas in the dark.

8. Carry pepper spray in your purse.

9. Try to learn any form of self defence martial arts.

10. Try to dress appropriately when going out. It is not safe to attract attention because you might get hurt.

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Lavanya Mehra


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