AS state governments begin to open schools and in-person classes, people in Delhi are reluctant to send their children to school. The fear of a COVID-9 spread in schools still looms largs. This is why 2500 parents in Delhi have sent a representation to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, imploring him to not re-open schools yet.

An email sent to the CM contains messages from 2498 parents, who insist that it is not safe to open shools just yet. The email contains a message from one of the parents that says, ” Schools should be reopened when zero Covid-19 cases are reported for at least 10 days or when a vaccine is available. Else, the government should declare this year as zero year. Students till Class VIII should be promoted to the next class, and for students of Classes IX to XII, they should conduct some online tests.”

Will we ever feel safe enough to return to the old normal? Or will the socially distant, masked and sanitised environment be our new normal forver?

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