We all experienced the one day curfew yesterday and we were happy to see people around the nation coming together to fight the virus in their own ways by self-isolating and social distancing. Though the one day curfew was something people encouraged for their safety, however, do you think one day curfew is enough to fight coronavirus or should it extend for another 2 weeks?

We are presently in stage 2 as per official data. If the number of infected is large, it can get altered into deaths subsequently. Janata curfew was a great step, but it should be extended for at least two more weeks. The government should in fact start it from Saturday to see how individuals are responding. In a country like India with such a large population, one has to take rigorous steps. Our population to ICU bed ratio, population to hospital bed ratio, population to ventilator ratio is much lower than other parts of the world. If we see the severity of the virus, the curfew should get extended for another two weeks. It may feel like overreaction but this is a situation where reacting correctly is the only correct reaction.

There are three phases in an epidemic — first, when infection starts, second, when it contaminates near ones, and third, when it conveys to several people, called community transmission. Since coronavirus can be transmitted from droplets via air or droplets on surfaces, and by touching the eyes or mouth with our hands, it is important that we extend curfews like the one we experienced yesterday to reduce the impact of the virus and thereby reducing the overall fatality rate in the country.



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Joydev Mishra


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