Permanent hair dyes and chemical straighteners—might be associated with an eminent risk for breast cancer, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Cancer.

The study, published yesterday in the International Journal of Cancer, suggests that women who use products such as permanent hair dyes and chemical straighteners could be increasing their risk of breast cancer by up to 60%. Scientists have been studying the possible link between hair dye and cancer for a long time, but results have been inconsistent.

Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences discovered that women who use permanent hair dye and chemical straighteners/relaxers have an increased risk of getting breast cancer compared to those who do not use the chemicals. “In our study, we see a higher breast cancer risk associated with hair dye use, and the effect is stronger in African American women, particularly those who are frequent users,” said corresponding author Alexandra White, Ph.D., head of the NIEHS Environment and Cancer Epidemiology Group.

Bladder and blood cancers have been surveyed most closely, according to the American Cancer Society, with the most consistent results pointing to a small increase in bladder cancer risk for salon workers. Meanwhile, most studies to date looking explicitly at dye and breast cancer have not found a connection. More research is required to confirm the hypotheses. It is highly advisable to avoid having chemical hair treatments that can loop you with some disastrous outcomes.


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