The festive season is upon us and we will not be surprised to see visitors coming in and out of your house to pay a visit. Well, it is important that we make sure that what we offer to our guests in this festive season is healthy.

To avoid over-indulgence of fats without compromising on enjoying the festivities to the fullest, below are the healthy snacks that you can offer your guests in the festive season.

>Protein bars: Protein bars can be a good snacking option that you can offer your guests. However, you should be careful about choosing a brand that is low in sugar. Protein bars can actually be healthy for the person consuming it when we compare it with chocolate consumptions.

>Rather than going for ice cream, choose yogurt: The best part about yogurt is that it is as tasty as it is healthy. It’s a quick caulking and leaves you feeling sated for a long time. You can couple it up with nuts, fruits or berries to enhance taste and nutrients.

>Instead of desserts have an apple and peanut butter: Apples are enchanted fruits, they give you energy, nutrients and fiber. Adding a slight peanut butter with apple gives you the correct amount of fat and is a good basis of protein and fiber.

>Roasted chickpeas: Chickpeas are a good font of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. They are opulent in fiber, minerals and vitamins, thus, unavoidably one of the best options on the list.

So, try the above alternatives that you can offer as a healthy snack to your guests in this festive season.


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