A village council in Bihar has banned the use of mobile phones for its women. Shocked? Even more shocking is the logic behind this ban. The villagers feel that the mobile phones are corrupting their women and responsible for rising cases of elopements and extra-marital affairs!

So the village council formed a committe and assigned them the task of implementing a ban on mobile phones for women. This committe is headed by Manuwar Alam. In his words, “It always gives us a lot of embarrassment when someone asks who has eloped this time. Even married women were deserting their husbands to elope with lovers. That was shameful for us.” So now there is a ban of Rs. 10,000 on any unmarried girl seen using a mobile phone. The fine for married women is Rs. 2000/-

Women’s organisations have voiced their opinion against this decision of the village council. Government agencies are looking into the matter too. But what we want to know is why did the council not ban the mobile phones for men also?

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