Digitalization has paved paths and opened closed closets to unlimited exposure. If you are an active user of Twitter the most fascinating news you can recall from this week is the PM’s reply to a twitter user on claiming that PM Modi works for him.

In case if your daily hangout social interaction platform is Twitter, you would be familiar that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has been quite active on the micro-blogging site. We all know the election results of UP, after the massive win for BJP in Uttar Pradesh, many people posted congratulatory messages to the PM and he quickly replied to most of them. But when Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi personally tweeted back to a person who claimed that Mr. Modi work for him was the most fascinating tweet we can expect from our lovable PM.

The man, who goes by the name of Ajeet Singh on Twitter, claimed in one of his tweets that one of his followers in Twitter had asked him if he works for the PM. To which his reply was, “No dear, he works for me.” ‘This is his tweet. “One of my follower casually asked me: Do you work for @narendramodi? I smiled and said: No dear, he works for me..#IAmNewIndia”. Little did he knew that PM Narendra Modi saw the tweet and he himself replied back to Singh’s tweet and said that he was in fact absolutely happy to be the ‘pradhan Sevak’ for each and every Indian.

We never expected that PM Narendra Modi himself will reply back with such a witty answer. We really appreciate the efforts that he takes to connect with people from whatever channel he can avail to. So, next time if you get any tweet back from our PM don’t be surprised.


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Joydev Mishra


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