Nowadays looking gorgeous is the mantra to be confident in public. For all ladies out there, a manicure is one of the monthly or bi-weekly necessities to have perfect nails. There are numbers of nail salons out there for your help but is it always feasible to visit one.

Here below we have pros and cons of visiting nail salons for manicures:


>Dry’s quickly: The polish used in the nail salons are vibrant and dries faster than usual.

>Lasts longer (generally): The Acrylic nails last for the longest than any other nail product which keeps your nails look gorgeous for months.

>Typically you get a massage with your manicure: There is an extra benefit that you get when you visit a nail salon. With all nail treatment, you also get an extra massage which is hard to find anywhere.


>Costs money: The money needed and charged in Nail Salons are huge. The expense is very high and is not worth the money.

>Doesn’t always last longer: Every nail treatment in the salons does not last for the longest. Sometimes non- Acrylic nails last for only a couple of weeks.

>You don’t necessarily have the same color at home for touch-ups: Every time to get your nails done, you won’t necessarily have the same color at home for touch-ups. So you have to go to the salon to get a touchup.

Requires you to go back to the salon for the removal: In case you want to try a new nail color, you have to visit a salon for the removal of the present paint. You cannot remove it at home as it requires extra chemicals to detain it.

So now you are well aware of the pros and cons of visiting a Nail Salon.

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