From finding world meanings and getting the latest updates every few seconds to booking air tickets and watching your favourite TV shows, everything is available online!

Today we live in two worlds. The offline world and the online world. The offline world has boundaries, partitions and restrictions. The online world is a single global space where everyone is accessible to everyone else! We may be living in a particular part of the world, but our web identities travel everyday across miles and interact with people in places we have never been to!

Critics say that the internet revolution is turning our world into a very materialistic place! But hey! It still has ample space for love and emotions. Or otherwise, why will so many social networking sites be thriving with millions of members?

Internet is not only a place where people share information and contact people across miles. It also sows the seeds of romance and becomes a platform for two people to find love in each other. In fact internet has made it so simple to find your love online that young girls no longer wait for her Sapno ka Rajkumar to come with the spring breeze! They simply log into their favourite chat room or social networking site and match their dream profile with the ones available online! How convenient! Now they have more options than ever!

Par yeh ishq nehi aasaan And these golden words cannot be scrapped off, no matter what era you are living in! Online relationships too have their own share of problems and heartbreaks!

No matter how much you try, you can never make sure that the man is 100% honest to you and is building a true picture of himself (even if you have a webcam)! Yet, many successful relationships have taken off online…

Just like in all other relationships, you need to be careful while taking your first few steps towards an online relationship… unless you want it to remain online forever!

Online Love Cannot Afford to Be Blind

Don’t put in your blind trust in him! Every word in his profile might not be true. Every word he says might also not be true. Try knowing more and more about him, his work, his interests, his family and friends. Yes friends. It’s good to make online friends with his friends. A man is known by the company he keeps, remember? And after you have known him for a while, you may even ask him to let you chat with his siblings or other members in his family.

Don’t Take Advantage Of Having The Interface

Behave like you would if you were face to face. It is easy to ignore him online and divert your mind rather than argue with him. But don’t subside your anger this way. He should know that you are upset. And he should know what all things you get upset with. You also need to know all those things that irritate or upset him. In offline situations the guy can tell (well… most of the times) that you are upset if you stop talking to him. But online, it’s hard to tell (for him of course, women still have their sixth senses intact). Also keep a track on him. If you notice any irregularities in his online behaviour, it might be a matter of concern.

Pictures Also Speak Clearer Than Words

At a fairly matured stage of your online hook up, tell him to share his pictures, videos and other similar things with you. Ask him to identify people in those pictures and enquire about whatever else that comes to your mind. Knowing him more and more is the key to escape heartbreaks!

Set The Rules Before Meeting

This is your judgement day. It’s important and it needs extra precautions. Till now you were safe behind your PC monitor. Not anymore. Today you’ll know if you were in love with an imaginary person or the guy you are meeting.

First of all, if he is too eager or too reluctant to meet, smell the fish! If he is too eager, maybe you should decide the meeting place. And if he is too reluctant get the message right: all he wants is an online affair!

Secondly, don’t be shy to show your distrust and don’t feel offended if he shows it either. After all, he too will have his share of anxieties and inhibitions.

Taking reasonable precautions at the beginning of any relationship is always advisable. Be it online or offline!

The web world is an exciting space to fall in love! So, set you heart free and let it fetch the love of your life from the World Wide Web. But do let you brain accompany it!

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