Mumbaikars pride themselves on the issue of safety of women. But how safe are women really?

Recently at a Durga Puja event in Bombay, actress Bipasha Basu was fondled by a sick pervert. The news is that Bipasha Basu had gone for a Durga Puja celebration at the North Bombay Sarvojonin event in Santacruz, along with boyfriend John Abraham. Everyone knows that Bips is a true blue Bong who always participates in Durga Puja events in Mumbai. But this year, the celebrations took a nasty turn for the celebrity.

Taking about what happened, a source reveals, “Bipasha and John came together for the Durga Puja in the evening and Bipasha was very excited as has always been part of Durga Pujas in Mumbai over the years. Just after the darshan, she was near the stage when someone pervert groped her breasts. Bipasha, of course, was taken aback and flew into a fit of rage. People around her tried to calm her down. John too was present there and he whisked her away to calm her down. She even wanted to lodge a police complaint. However, she had second thoughts. As for the sick man, he quietly and promptly ran away, taking advantage of the commotion.”

Just think about this. If this can happen to a celebrity of Bipasha’s stature, how safe are regular women in India’s city of dreams? Just imagine what women go through at Durga Puja, Dandiya Raas, Ganesh Utsav etc. The sad truth is that eve teasing and groping incidents are so common that women have stopped taking any notice of such incidents. We have started thinking of such incidents as “normal” and never voice a complaint or protest. Such incidents put a big question mark on the false claim of Mumbai that it is safe for women.

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