So you got yourself a jazzy new phone with a slim body, excellent camera, great memory and  the works. One day, amongst a group of friends, you offer to use the phone to find out certain information…and it seems to take forever! How embarassing!!! 

There are a lot of mobile applications out there that can help you in improving your mobile and internet browsing experience. Which are the ones you DEFINITELY need?

1. ngpay: This app allows you to recharge your phone, DTH, book a flight, train,bus or even a movie, and even go shopping via their shopping portal. 

2. Just Dial: Now who doesn’t need this app? Whatever information you need, this is the app for you.

3. Expense Manager: This or any other budgeting app is a must if you want to keep your incomes and outgoes organised. 

4. IndianRail Info: If you travel much, this is the must-have app for you! 

5. Check Price India: There are so many shopping portals and they all give attractive discounts. But which one is giving the best? This app will tell you that!  

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