Naaaaah! I’m not about to describe how our fellow desi Indians live in videshi lands. All that has been so often talked about and shown in TV serials & movies. What I want to talk about is, what an Indian takes along with him/her when he/she leaves for greener pastures.

Is it just the baggage full of clothes, pictures, CD’s, pressure cooker, masalas and achaar? Yes, our culture and values also go along with them. But what else? Has anyone given any thought to the skills and experience that Indians take along with them to phoren shores, never to look back?

Do NRI’s realize how lucky they are to get internationally recognized degrees in India? Indian education is as good as any other, and much much cheaper. Do people feel any gratitude towards the Government of India, for providing them highly subsidized education at affordable costs? The government is pumping money into the subsidization of education in institutes like the IIT and REC’s, expecting the graduates to serve in India and give back to the country what they got. But alas, it never happens!

If you are an NRI, and you want to express your gratitude towards your country, there are many ways in which you can do so. You can start by donating to the school, college, or university that you went to. There are many programs for NRI’s, where they not only make contributions but also actively participate in the running of charities, schools, hospitals etc. Why don’t you be a part of one?

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