What started out as a couple of months of work-from-home has quickly turned into a year and half of slogging away at your desks in the home office you were forced to create due to the pandemic. Yes, life has changed! But is this a change for the better, or for worse? On one hand, we have people expressing joy at being able to WFH from their home towns. They are saving money on rent and the high cost of living in the metros, while still making the same salary. On the other hand, there is a concern about the lack of social interactions in work life.

If you are a manager trying to co-ordinate employees in different parts of the country, you could use some of these tips to encourage positivity and social interactions in your organisation. If you are an employee, you could share these ideas with your manager.

  • Encourage social interaction across the organisation by organising virtual lunch meetings where people can talk about things not related to work.
  • Encourage employees to take frequent breaks from work , using these breaks to stretch or walk or even just rest their eyes.
  • Host a virtual party or dinner on Fridays so that people can just chill.
  • Discourage overtime work so that employees can enjoy time with friends and family.

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