Indian women are hooked to maids! Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, whether you have a family of 9 or whether it is just the two of you, all women want/need a maid to help. There is no peace in the house when the maid takes a day off! Women can live without their husbands but not without their maids. This is partly because of the need for help with chores, and partly because it is now a social expectation.

But with hiring maids comes a lot of heartache. Sometimes they do not come to work because their ‘village cousin’ is in the hospital or because their ‘village aunt’ passed away. Sometimes they go away for a visit to their village and take a month long leave. You may or may not like the substitute that was provided! Sometimes they do not arrive on time. Sometimes they rush the work, doing a bad job of it. There is no end to complaints and heartache. So today we bring you a few tips on how to manage your maids and avoid the heartache!

Maid Management Tips

1. Set rules right at the begining. When you hire a maid, set the expectations and rules for both of you.

2. Be realistic and kind when you set the rules. If you give your mid a weekly day off, she will not call in sick so often! Do not just tell her when she should come to work. Take her opinion and form the rules together.

3. Do not burden her with work that is not in your unwritten contract. If you want her to dust the house, pay her for it.

4. Be kind and generous with money. She earns her livelihood with this work, so give her the respect she deserves and try not to be mean about money.

5. Do not get emotionally involved with the bai! She is an employee and may need to be replaced at some point. So avoid getting too personal.

6. Avoid the gossip.

7. Avoid becoming subjects of gossip, so be guarded in your behavious when the bai is home!

8. Always keep valuables out of sight and locked. If you lose something, it becomes hard not to blame the maid. But often it turns out that the maid was not involved! So avoid the whole drama!

9. Give her a monthly bonus for punctuality and good work. This will solve all your maid problems!!!

10. If you are lucky with your maid, do not refer her to all your friends. If you do, you might lose her!

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