For centuries India has prided itself on close family bonds and culture. But it seems that what we were proud of yesterday does not seem to work today. From big joint families, we moved on to nuclear family lifestyle a couple of decades ago. Most people still adhere to this trend. But it is a trend that is now changing. Youngsters want and ask for their space. A large chunk of our youth automatically get this space and independence when they move to a big city to work or study. But what about the youngsters who live in big cities with their parents?

It seems that this is where comes a challenge to existing family structures. Parents assume that their daughter will live with them till she gets married and that thei son will live with them till eternity. But the daughter and son don’t share this view any more. They now want their independence and space at a much younger age.

For instance, Alia Bhatt’s Juhu apartment is currently being renovated, and as per a leading daily, she will soon move to her new pad. Alia has herself confirmed saying,  “Yes, it’s true. Richa and I are working on it as we speak. That’s all I can share with you now.” But how does this affect the family? Mahesh Bhatt articulates, “I have always admired her ability to walk on her own two feet. Alia is a self-made individual and there is nothing more gratifying for parents than to see their child grow on her own. She has the right to be different, and we must value that. For me, my home is where Alia is.”

In fact, most of our youth icons in Bollywood live independently, and they are the ones who carve out trends and inspire our youth.

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