Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain on Thursday said that 97 per cent of people who were tested under the sixth serological survey in the national capital have established antibodies against COVID-19. Explaining the reason behind most people having COVID antibodies, Jain said this is because most of the population in Delhi has already been infected with the virus earlier or have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“The recent serosurvey shows that 97 per cent of people have developed antibodies. It means most of the people have either been infected with the disease earlier or have taken COVID-19 jabs,” Jain said.

The sixth survey was led between September 24 and October 27 and as many as 27,811 samples were tested, of which, 24,895 were seropositive. According to the survey, antibodies were found in 95 per cent of people who are fully or partially vaccinated, antibodies were present in 82 per cent of unvaccinated citizens. Sero-prevalence among males was found to be 88.2 per cent and seroprevalence among females is 90.1 per cent which is higher as compared to males.

The minister said that a large part of Delhi’s population has been affected by Covid-19 and the rest have been vaccinated. He, however, failed to comment on whether Delhi has now achieved herd immunity.

Speaking about the status of vaccinated people, Jain said that sero prevalence was high in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, but it was higher in those who have been vaccinated. Well, Sero surveys in other cities, conducted after the second wave and vaccination drives, also show high sero prevalence. We are happy to know that 97 per cent of people from Delhi have COVID antibodies.

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