Any time someone asks us out on a date, we spend days planning our outfit, we spend hours putting on makeup and we worry endlessly about how our date will evaluate us! But hey, has it ever ocurred to you that even guys go through similar insecurities in their love life and dating?

Common Dating Insecurities Experienced by Men

– Will my date like my car?

– Will she like my outfit?

– Will I sweat too much?

– Will she make fun of my choices in food?

– Will she find my jokes too dumb?

– Will she laugh at my accent?

– Will she find me interesting?

– Will she like my hair?

– What if I drink too much and act funny?

– Will she think of me as a stalker if I call her right after the date?

– Will I be seen as pushy and desperate if I ask her out again?

You see, men don’t have it easy either……..

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Lavanya Mehra


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