With winter the holiday season starts boosting and it is all about vacation and outings. One of the best things about winter is the consistent drop in temperatures. Come winter and it is time to get out your warm clothes and pretty woolens. In this winter fall, the most significant precaution that we have to take is the fog it brings to every destination you travel.

So, here below are few tips while planning for your winter holidays keeping the fog in mind:

>First-Aid kit: Carrying a backup medical kit is always the safest thing to add to your winter holiday packing list. Always keep band-aid, anti-fungal cream, pain relief spray, balm for a headache, cough and cold syrup, over the counter antibiotics, and flu medicines in your bag. The sudden change in temperature and foggy weather may not suit you immediately and it is best to be prepared for small ailments.

>Being safe: If you’re on the road during fog situations, you may be tormented with anxiety and nervousness. Parking as far away from the road as possible can reduce the risk of accidents or other emergencies, as well as keep you safe from harm’s way. If you are planning your winter holiday, make sure that you are driving safe with lights on to clear the air and see the road.

>Use the right-side pavement line as a guide: In thick fog, use the white line painted on the right side of the road as a guide. Do not use the center pavement markings, because doing so will guide you to move closer to oncoming vehicles, which are also driven by people having trouble seeing where they are going.

So, above few tips are to be considered while planning for your winter holidays keeping the fog in mind to be safe.

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