As we know now a days the Internet is truly a democratic medium where everyone can express their views, but recently Minister of Communication & Information Technology and Minister of Human Resource of India Mr. Kapil Sibal warns websites not to post such information against the government those are controversial.

Mr. Kapil Sibal gave a caution to social websites like Google & Facebook to ensure that uploading of controversial or any kind of offensive materials against government should be stopped. The government has met the officials from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo over last few weeks regarding uploading of offensive materials mostly against Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s edited photography over the various social net working sites.

Search engine like Google, Yahoo & Microsoft official refused to observe on the views of Mr. Kapil Sibal.

Google said: When content is legal and does not violate their policies they will not remove that just because it is controversial.

While Facebook official said: They will remove such contents that are offensive, threatening or having nudity to the government.

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