Siblings are known to have frequent fights and clashes of interests. It is believed that the more they fight, the more they love. Even you must have fought like crazy with your sister(s)/brother(s) when you were young (and you might still be)! Sibling fight is a kahani ghar ghar ki! But what happenes when the mutual differences grow into something more serious than a quarrel? What happens when jealousy takes shape?

Have you ever felt jealous of your sibling? Although it is not as positive as sibling tussles, it is not unnatural either. So, if such feelings are creeping into you mind, no need to feel uncomfortable! All said and done, you still love your sister(s)/brother(s). You just need to start respecting your individuality as well as theirs.

For a start, get the root of the problem. Find out what exactly are you competing with them for. Now, you need to understand that you and you sibling are two different persons. You have different tastes, habits, attitudes and of course, talents. And most importantly (unless you are twins) you are of different ages! It is only unfair for you to be comparing yourself with him/her! And it does not matter whether you are elder to them or not, everyone has a different temperament and works accordingly. So, if she has won the Under 18 Athletic Championship, you might have cooked a pizza when you were 12 year old! And, if you are married, you have to consider all the family factors before comparing each other!

If this feeling is bothering you too much, express it to someone… your parents, your best friend or even a counsellor. You’ll feel better when you let it out. Also, a one-to-one discussion will help you find a better way out than simply brooding over the issue! So, rather than wasting your times and energy in being jealous of your sibling, dig out your own talents and develop them! Use this competition as your fuel to grow and not for fuming up jealousy!

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