It can only happen in a country ruled under Sharia Law. 21 year old Gulnaz was raped by her cousin’s husband. While Gulnaz was serving 12 years imprisonment for “adultery by force”, the person who committed the crime was sentenced to only seven-year prison term. It’s even more irony that the law offered Gulnaz the choice to marry the person who raped her or serve the jail sentence. 

Gulnaz became pregnant of the rape and gave birth to a daughter almost a year ago.After a third appeal, her sentence was cut to three years and the requirement of the marriage was dropped.

Her case attracted international attention after her story was featured in a documentary film commissioned by the European Union and her case had been condemned widely by human rights groups across the globe.

Finally Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued the statement pardoning Gulnaz late on Thursday and now she doesn’t have to marry the man who shattered her dreams.

What an irony story? We are so lucky not to be born in those societies where law permits violence against women.

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