It was love at first sight for Meetu and Rahul, who met at a job interview in mumbai. They started living together within a few weeks, but it was too complicated. Meetu liked to hang out with other guys at work and Rahul was not too happy with this. To get back at Meetu, he started an affair with a colleague. As it happened, the two were still living together after a year, but seeing other people too. How crazy is that?

It may feel crazy or weird to you, but this is how modern romantic relationships are. It is very hard to know exactly where you stand with your partner, because honesty is all but gone! This is why even Facebook gives you an option to choose “It’s Complicated” as your relationship status. If you feel over-burdened with all this, and wish to go back to being simple, here are a few things you could try.

1. Avoid posting everything to social media. When you do that, you start doing things with the sole criteria of how it would look on FB or Instagram etc. This affects normal life in more ways than one.

2. Find out who you are. There are people who are looking for casual sex, and then there are people who are looking for love. Find out which one are you, it will make life simpler.

3. Who are you with? You also need to be sure that you are in a relationship with a like-minded person. If you are looking for love, but are with a person who only wants a purely physical relationship, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

4. Set rules, and stick with them. There is so much temptation all around us these days because of the internet. It is very easy for both men and women to get naughty. This is where you need to have a set of rules for both of you and be accountable to each other.

5. Break up should be exactly that. Either you are together or you are not. Don’t go in for the crappy business of being on a break! After you break up, don’t stalk your ex on the social media. Try to move on, and let your ex do that too.

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