It is really hard to find true love in these times of umpteen relationships, dating and breakups. Often when we do find true love, we don’t even realise it till it’s kind-of too late. Is there a way to differentiate between a fling and true love? Will you rcognize true love when it comes along?

It Is True Love When…

1. He gives up a cricket match and lets you watch Masterchef. What’s more, he watches it with you!

2. He tells you you are looking great even when you are having a bad hair day!

3. He cooks for you.

4. He calls you every hour, and sends a message when he can’t.

5. His guy-friends start feeling jealous of you coz he spends so much time with you!

6. He doesn’t turn his head even when a hottie passes by.

7. You never catch him checking  out other women.

8. He shows great respect and affection for your family.

9. He buys you gifts that he puts a lot of thought in (not a lot of money in).

10. He can make you laugh even when you are absolutely mad at him!

11. You feel safe when he’s around.

Trust your instincts, you’ll just know when it feels right.

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