Vinita has always had a thing for Dushyant, even at the time he was dating her best friend Sara. That was a time when Vinita felt a little envious of her friend. But after Dushyant and Sara broke up, he has become single and available. But is he really available for Vinita? She continues to see him occassionally at parties and social gatherings. He still makes her feel all mushy when he is around. But how can she make a move? She cannot show her feelings without offending her bestie Sara! Vinita feels trapped in a tough choice: love or friendship?

Many young people like Vinita would like to date a friend’s ex but they feel crushed by the gal code or the bro code – an unwritten rule that prohibits it. What do you think of this code? In the modern world, people are more practical and break ups are now a part of every youngster’s life. Is it still wrong to think of dating your friend’s ex? From a practical point of view, your friend and her ex have already broken up. So exactly why is it wrong for you to date him now?

There are some problems that we can think of in this scenario:

– If you start dating your friend’s ex, can you really be sharing the details of your love life with her? Girls like to share, but can you share those juicy tidbits with your friend without hurting her feelings?

– The moment something negative comes up in your new relationship, your friend will pile on her own past history and experience on to it. The guy doesn’t stand a chance, does he?

– You will inevitably find yourself making comparisons. What’s worse, even the guy might start comparing you and your bestie. That can’t be healthy!

– You can never be truly at ease. There will be that little shaft of envy and doubt surrounding your new boyfriend and your bestie!

The simple fact is that there may or may not be anything wrong in dating your friend’s ex. It is just a matter of your viewpoint and maturity. But if you do decide to go down this path, expect thorns along the way. This new relationship can be a serious threat to your existing friendship!


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