Frying has everything against it. It’s messy. Right from frying pakoras to the indispensable Indian tadka, oil is used in so many different ways to enhance the flavor or give food a certain texture. Many households reuse the same oil over and over again to minimize wastage. But is it okay to reuse oil?

As per the recent findings, reusing oil can generate free fanatics that can lead to soreness and thus diseases. Free radicals attach themselves to healthy cells in the body and may lead to certain health problems. Free radicals sometimes can be carcinogenic, which means they can cause cancer. Reusing oil can also lead to atherosclerosis that can cause an increase in the bad cholesterol, leading to blockage in arteries.

Pallavi Dadare, commissioner of FDA (Maharashtra division) in a report published by leading media house, said that the repeated usage of cooking oil changes the physiochemical, nutritional and sensory properties. Total polar compounds (TPCs) formed in the oil during frying are called ‘frying fats’ and the rule aims to curb the consumption of these ‘frying fats’.

Oil once used for frying foods should be sieved and may be used for making curry preparations in order to make it economical. As per FSSAI, used cooking oil should be consumed in a day or two. It should not be stored for a longer period of time as the rate of deterioration is higher in used oil.

So, try to avoid reusing cooking oil after frying so that you can stay healthy.

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