On one hand we ork hard at projecting a global image of “Shining India” and on the other hand we feel ashamed of our own villages and slums. Every educated person who has been exposed to the outside world is bound to experience this shocking disparity.

Rural Minister Shri Jairam Ramesh has recently said that India is the dirtiest and filthiest country in the world. Scary as it sounds but it might be true. We are not only “relatively” poor but we are also bogged down by our huge numbers. As correctly pointed out by the minister, we might be the only country where people who own mobile phones do not have access to plumbing. Even today people line up at railway tracks every morning because they have no access to a toilet. Our total disregard for sanitation is one reason why we have such high incidence of dengue like diseases.

Even if each of us did our own bit to make our country a clean and healthy place, it will definitely make an impact. Very small things like using the wastebin for waste (instead of roads and streets) can go a long way in making India less filthy. Are you game?


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Lavanya Mehra


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