How cool do the dresses of these ladies look? Doesn’t it look like they would be rather too warm inside that black burqa? Do you think an air conditioner can help these ladies feel normal and relaxed in the hot summers of Saudi Arabia? A Saudi cleric disagrees.

A man who claimed to be a Salafist-Wahhibist cleric has tweeted that women should not turn on the air conditioners at home in the absence of their husbands because it could lead to moral depravity. In his words, “turning on the cooler ventilator is prohibited for women in the absence of their husbands [because] the woman’s act is very dangerous, and may bring about immorality in the society. When she turns the cooler on, someone may notice her presence home, and this might bring about immorality.”

Salafists and Wahhibists are ultra-conservatives from amongst Sunni Muslims of Saudi Arabia. In an earlier incident another cleric claiming to be of the Salafist sect posted on YouTube a video saying that rape of non-Sunni and non-Muslim women was acceptable. 

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