With the rising pace of terrorism and rape culture, it is important that we are emphasizing on our children’s safety. So, there is an urgent need that you talk to your children about safety in general. Well, to start with making sure that you are executing an understandable pep talk so to gain your kid’s trust. So how can you teach your child about “safe” and “unsafe” people? Start with the below tips.

Talk about tricky people: The concept of outsiders/strangers can be perplexing to some kids. One way to explain who to watch out for is to discuss “tricky people.” When your child is young, say, “Most people are pretty good, but some people have problems and they’re not so good. Ask them to make sure that they are not very approachable to strangers they do not know.

Talk about “safe” and “unsafe” touching: Rather than “good” or “bad” touching, explain them about safe and unsafe touching. This removes guilt from the child and keeps them from having to make an ethical dissimilarity about what is and is not appropriate.

Teach the difference between healthy and unhealthy secrets: Teach your kid by giving small examples to find out the difference between healthy and unhealthy secrets. You can give an example like, a surprise party is an okay secret to keep people you love happy. However, Secret touching is not okay or keeping any permanent secrets from parents.

Use age-appropriate wording: You can converse body safety without discussing sexuality. Make conversations keeping in mind the age group you are deliberating your pieces of advice to. Your words should not offend or make anyone uncomfortable.

So, keep the above few pointers in mind while talking to your children about safety.

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