Divorce is no longer a taboo subject in our society. It is becoming increasingly common for people to openly say that they do not get along with their spouse, and file for divorce. As women become more financially independent, they are now too strong and confident to be opressed in marriage. So divroce is becoming pretty common now! But does this make it any easier for the couple getting divorce? You live with someone for a couple of years, love them, share a life (and possibly kids) with them, and then you get a divorce. How can it be anything less than painful for both the partners? This is why divorced people often have poor health and an increased mortality rate.

How to Take Care of Yourself After Divorce (These tips can be used for a friend or relative also)

1. Remember to take good care of your body. Eat healthy nutritious wholesome meals. Eating fast food or ice cream will not chnge the situation, so curb that desire. Try to cook your own meals, this can be a creative hobby that you might enjoy.

2. Redecoration is a great idea if you are living in the same house that you shared with your spouse. Change will be good for you!

3. Don’t forget to socialize. You will not feel lonely or alone if you go out with friends or visit family etc. Moping alone is not how you plan to spend the rest of your life, right? So go out and live your life!

4. If you feel that things are getting too much for you to bear, slow down a little. Take a week off work, read books, go out shopping, take a vacation, take long walks, basically whatever seems to work for you! Just calm down and relax before taking the plunge into LIFE again.

5. Look for people in the same boat. If there is a group of divorced people, they can help you in finding your feet in this unchartered territory. Make friends with other people in a similar situation.

6. Try to spend as less free time indoors as possible. Go out, take up a sport, go for jogging, go to a coffee shop. Do whatever you can to avoid moping at home!

7. Take a break from social media. This is a must as you cannot heal without doing this!

8. Avoid watching depressing films. Watch funny comedies that make you laugh. Romance is best avoided too!

9. If the divorce situation seems too overwhelming, see a psychotherapist for help. 

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Lavanya Mehra


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