A few years ago Valentine’s Day was the festival of love. It was the one day you felt extra-romantic and could get away with proposing to people who may not be interested in you. It was the day girls would expect their admirers to propose to them with a nice gift or candy or flowers or soft toys etc. But things have changed today. The festival has become a lot more commercial and VERY LONG. It is not a day of love any more. The hoopla goes on for a whole week, culminating on the actual V-Day. It begins with Rose day, which is followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally the V-Day.

Surviving the whole week is not easy, especially if you have a partner. There is a lot of expectation that starts to build up right in the beginning of the month. Many people openly tell their partners what they expect. This makes it easy for the guys. But when you don’t know what is expected, things are bound to get difficult!

If you do not have a boyfriend, but everyone else around you does…surviving this festival is very difficult. So how do you survive the crazy Valentine’s week? The only way to survive this week without losing your sanity is to shut off your phone and internet. Refuse to be swamped by images of extra sweet love, hearts, teddy bears and chocolates. Refuse to be drawn into the crazy world of fairytale romance. Keep yourself grounded. If you are with the right person, every day is a romantic day. If you are with the wrong person, Valentine’s day cannot fix anything for you! It is nice to share a special gesture of love and romance, but it does not have to be pink, soft or sweet. A special home cooked meal works equally well!

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