Now that the year is at its end, it is time to evaluate how the year went for you. Did you have a great year? Or was this another non-happening year that might as well be forgotten?

Did you make a lot of money this year? This is what defines success for most people. But it really doesn’t matter much whether or not you made a lot of money. As long as you and your family were comfortably provided for, this is not what defines having a good year.

Did you have any major milestones? Falling in love, getting married or having a new addition to the family are big milestones in your life. Having one will mark the year as happy and memorable.

Did you travel? Most of us keep planning to go and see the world, very few of us actually get around to doing it. If you travelled to even just one new place this year, you did something worth remembering.

Did you go bungee jumping? Induling in any activity that attracts and inspires you is a great thing. Adventure sports like bungee jumping is just an example.

Did you have a hobby this year? How did you spend you free time? Did you take those Salsa lessons finally? Cultivating a hobby is not just a great stress buster but also something  that keeps you youthful.

Did you make new friends? Finally, the success or failure of your year depends on the people you were surrounded with. If you made one new friend who you shall be friends with for life, you have had a wonderful 2015!

So how was the year 2015 for you?

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