In this tech-savvy era, it is really hard to avoid the lust of technology. Due to an upsurge in technology in this modern world, kids are no longer indulging in physical activities and are more glued to their mobile screens or television.

Well, it is our duty to raise physically active kids in this age of technology and advancement. Well, how do we do that?

Parents can play a key role in helping their child become more physically active. As a parent, it can be sometimes challenging to find ways to help your kids get the physical activity they need every day. So we’ve collected some simple tips to help you get started.

  • Select day care that devotes plenty of time outside, in the park, or at the playground.
  • Choose a preschool or daycare within rambling distance of your home and leave the car at home every day. You and your child will both benefit from the walk.
  • Take your child to the nearby concourse and inspire him or her to climb, swing and play. Arrange to meet up with friends so it’s fun, active and social for every member of the family.
  • Make use of the agendas and facilities offered at your local community centers.
  • Let your child try diverse sports in age-appropriate classes, such as gymnastics, dance and swimming.
  • Avoid extended periods of time where your child is deskbound.
  • Encourage your child to play and explore the outdoors.

Well, the above tips can actually help you a lot to raise a physically active kid in this era of technology.


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