Most women have taken or will take a career break at some point in their lives. Though men think of a break in caeer as a career-killer, for women it is not just a necessity but also a period of immense pleasure. We take breaks from our busy work lives when we have babies. Those little bundles of joy need mommies around all the time for at least a few months. Many women opt to extend their maternity leave into a career break of one or a few years. What happens when they decide to get back to work?

“Rhea started going to school full-time, and I felt she needed me lesser now that she was 6 years old. I decided to go back to work, but I was shocked to see that everything had changed in the last 6 years and I was not required anywhere anymore!”

This is the experience of Manisha, who tried to get back into the PR industry after a gap of 6 years. She found that she was lacking in new skills and was not really employment-ready. In this scenario, what could she have done, or what can she do to further her career interests. 

1. Returnship Programmes: A few companies (like Tata, HCL, Cisco, GE etc) offer returnship programmes for people with career breaks. These programmes offer a chance for people to upgrade their skills and work on some projects to enter the industry. After these programmes, many people get absorbed into the company if they fulfill all the criteria.

2. Bootcamps: Many recruitment companies and job portals offer opportunities for networking when they organise job fairs. These are like boot camps where you can meet with people from the industry and try to find a niche for yourself.

3. Start with Volunteering: A volunteer job with a charitable organisation is much easier to find. Be ready for a lot of hard work, no money, but a lot of satisfaction!

Once you start making a headway into your career again, it will become easy for you to slowly pave your way back into a well-paying job.


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