Babies, stressful jobs, household chores, and age often take toll on the sex lives of modern urban couples. While most couples bounce back into their old satisafctory sex-lives after a little phase, there are many couples who get “used to” to their sex-less lives. The situation caries on till one or both the partners begin to feel dissatisfied and unloved. Sex is indeed a very important part of a marriage, and hence steps should be taken to fix a sex-less marriage before it becomes too late. Here’s what you could do:

1. Communicate your feelings and desires with your partner. Tell him/her that you miss having sex and would like to do everything to help in getting the sex lives back on track. Try to not sound offensive or complaining.

2. The next thing is to check all the medication that either of you is taking. Are you or your spouse taking any meds that  interfere with the libido? Discuss with your doctor and ask how it can be fixed.

3. Make a time and place for it. Many couples who fix the Friday or Saturday as their “have-sex” day, report that it keeps them excited throughout the week! If spontaineity is not working, fix the day of the week when you gotta do it!

4. There’s no harm in trying aids like a vibrator or scented candles or role-plays or reading sex stories or even watching porn. Anything that works for you guys!

Whatever you do, just don’t give up on sex. Your partner may love you too much and be too nice to say it, but they definitely miss it.

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