Nikita has been living together with her boyfriend Rishi for the last 3 years. Nikita relies on the pill to avoid getting pregnant. But a few weeks ago, the fact of her pregnancy came as a shock to her. Nikita spoke with her doctor and voiced all her concers. The doctor explained that no birth control method was 100 % foolproof, especially the pills because it was so easy to miss popping one! Nikita and Rishi are not sure about what to do. They are not very comfortable with the idea of aborting a baby, but neither are they at ease with the notion of becoming parents so suddenly! 

If you, or someone you know, is sailing in this boat, Memsaab brings you a few pointers on how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. 

– The first thing to consider is your relationship status. Are you married? If not, do you feel confident that you can handle the bringing up of a child on your own?

– The next important thing is to check whether you and your partner are emotionally ready to become parents? Do you think you need more time to “enjoy life”? Do you mind the forced responsibility thrust on you?

– One important thing you cannot afford to ignore is your financial stability. Raising a baby takes a lot of effort and money these days. Can you afford having a baby at this point in your life?

– Another very important factor that should weigh on your decision is the reaction and attitude of your family. Will you have their support? Things become a lot easier if you have the help of your family to raise your baby.

– The last factor to consider is how you feel about abortion. 

After considering all these factors, you can consult with your partner and arrive at the best decision for you and your baby.

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