Being in a relationship is a close feeling that gets shattered if there is some rust in the relationship road. It’s very hard when one has to deal with relationship frictions. The most difficult part in any relationship is that when you face the phase of break up with your partner. Vulnerability will always be your friend in this situation but believe me, it is very important that you keep yourself in one piece and don’t get shattered away with any uncurling circumstances.

Well, to get a better grip and deal properly with a break up we have some advice that might help you to overcome your agony.

•    Embrace the feeling- The important thing that we forget to do after a break-up is that we don’t embrace the feeling that everything happens for a reason. It’s true that break ups are devastating experiences but if you try to focus on the situations gravity and embrace the situation, it will certainly relax your mind.

•    Turn your loss into a learning experience- Though you’re incapable of modifying the past, you can always cram from your blunders. If nothing else, lessons can always be learned from a failed relationship.

•    Focus on your best qualities- Try maintaining a diary to write down every emotion that you feel. Try to focus on your best qualities and remind yourself that you have value and internalize your self-worth.

•    Rediscover yourself- Try to spend time with your friends and family. Getting indulged with friends and relatives will bring down your mental pressure and make you feel relaxed.

•    Stay in present- The very important thing after a break up is to stay in present rather than thinking about what went wrong and replaying the same questions that keep moving with every conversation you do with yourself.

We hope that the above few suggestions will surely help you and make you feel optimistic and stronger than ever.


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Joydev Mishra


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