There is no woman who does not know the pleasure of shopping. If you are in a foul mood, even a bit of grocery shopping can help you change the mood! Whether you are lonely or you are going through an emotional turmoil like a breakup or are stressed about other important things in life, a bit of retail therapy always works wonders. But shopping becomes a big problem when you overdo it. You end up buying things you don’t need, your house is full of clutter, and your bank balance keeps going down. What do you do?

Tips to Control the Shopper in You

1. Arm yourself with a list. Your parents taught you this lesson when you were a kid. If you think you are overdoing the shopping thing, lists are your best friend. Make a list of things you need every time you go to the store, and promise yourself you will not buy anything that’s not on the list.

2. Whenever you are inclined to buy an item, ask yourself one question. Will you use it within the next 7 days? If the answer is no, control the inclination. We often buy clothes that don’t fit, thinking that we will lose weight and fit into them. We buy kitchenware thinking that we might need it for a special occassion. Curb the urge!

3. If you see something you really like and want to buy, go home and think about it for two days. If after two days you still decide you want to buy the item, go for it. Chances are that in the two days you think about it, you may have second thoughts about actual usefulness of the item. This tip will not always work, but often it will.

4. Don’t get goaded into buying more. Stores often give away reward points or some gifts for purchases above a specified amount. This is usually just a trick to make you shop much more than you really need to. Avoid this temptation and stick with your lists.

5. Budget and note expenses. In this era of plastic money and credit cards, we don’t really realise how much we are spending as there are no notes leaving the purse! Get into the habit of logging all your daily expenses in a log book or an app on your phone. This will help you in ascertaining your financial performance at the end of  the month, and will also show you which expenses could have been avoided.

6. Cultivate a hobby. This will help you in curbing the urge to splurge. 


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