Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and most people who’ve been married for decades would agree. Proper communication helps in building trust and gives a whole new meaning to the relationship.

Here’s how you can improve communication with your partner:

How To Communicate With Your Partner?

The Art of Listening

Proper communication involves speaking as well as listening. Often we talk too much about our own problems and forget to listen to the person we are talking to. Try to imagine what your partner has been through all day long. He may have had a really bad day, or an excellent day. Either way, he would like to share it with you. But are you listening? To cultivate the art of listening, remember the following:

1. Be sympathetic and understanding. You are on his side, aren’t you?
2. Avoid judging your partner. He needs your sympathy, not a sermon.
3. Show that you are interested by asking questions.

Even a question as simple as “How was your day?” encourages your partner to communicate his fears, resentments, excitement, happiness etc openly.

The Art Of “Being Heard”

We all (especially women) are constantly talking, but are we really communicating? Most times, men are not listening to us, coz they have preconceived notions that stand in the way. They call it “nagging”, so everything you say falls on deaf ears. So how do we get ourselves heard?

1. When complaining, do not generalize. Talk about the specific issue at hand and resist the urge to go on and on from one issue to another.
2. Keep inviting his feedback, to make sure that he participates and listens. Switch from the “monologue” mode to the “dialogue” mode.
3. Be polite. If you really want to be heard, avoid using abusive or insulting language.

If nothing works, sit down with him and initiate a discussion on this. Ask him to honestly share his feelings about this. Usually, an honest discussion yields great results. Just try to be non-judgmental and avoid reacting to his complaints/accusations.

Communication & Trust

A healthy and successful relationship has to be based on trust. Proper communication can be the key to developing trust in your relationship. Being honest and frank is very important. So, all your communication with your partner should be based on these two things. Often we hide things from our loved ones, for the fear of hurting them. But usually, it’s the “hiding” that hurts them eventually. Don’t let that happen to you!

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