Rishita had a secret crush on Varun but she could not express it. Every day she went to college thinking that she would tell him how she felt, but she just did not have the guts to do it. What stopped her was the fact that Varun was obviously attracted to Rishita’s best friend Krittika. Krittika was a hottie. All the boys in their college would give a limb to date Krittika. Rishita did not understand why this was so. She knew she was as good looking, if not better looking that Krittika, yet boys had no interest in her. Why did everyone want to be with Krittika?

How To Be The Woman He Wants

If you wish to be the attractive woman that most men want, or the only woman your man wants, here are a few things you could try:

– Dress Well. Men are like children and are attracted to outwardly appearances more than we ladies are. They like bright earthy colours and they definitely like to see a bit of flesh. But should you be flashing it? No. Dress in an elegant and smart way without being indecent. Don’t dress like a nun, but don’t dress like a slut either. Know how to balance it!

– Paint Up! When applying make up, don’t make yourself like a paint ki dukaan, but don’t miss the basics. Always apply a nice coat of lipstick or lip gloss – it attracts men like nothing else! A dash of mascara, a bit of gloss and you are done!

– Make Eye Contact. This is the most important thing when you are trying to get someone’s attention. Catch his eye, and hold it for a bit as you smile slowly. A smile like that can be suggestive and very attractive.

– Show Him Your Funny Side. Who doesn’t like someone with a sense of humour? Everyone appreciates people who can make them laugh. So show him how you can bring cheer and mirth into his life!

– Love Yourself. If you are confident and sure of yourself, it shows in your attitude. This self assuredness is very sexy and attractive. Modern men do not like the plight of damsels in distress as much as the allure of smart confident women!

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